I made cookies today!!

Today started too early for a Saturday, but then I had breakfast with some fabulous people, which made my 8am wake-up totally worth it. The pork-belly sandwiches, Kenyan coffee and mango, lime and toasted coconut rice pudding made a sublime way to start my weekend. =)

Then…. I went shopping with my grandparents at Costco – you know, that place where everything comes in bulk (like 3 bottles of rice bran oil and 36 rolls of toilet paper).

After making our way home, and collapsing on my bed, I started to think about baking, and how I haven’t done it in AGES. Yes, for me, a month is way too long in between bakes. So I made my way to tastespotting.com, and surfed for a while, looking at all the pretty pictures of food… the gazillion ways people have combined cake/cookies/booze/the colour green/irish stuff/shamrocks to make something special to celebrate St Patrick’s day… when I realised I had the perfect opportunity to make something for my 4th sister’s birthday! My grandparents are leaving Melbourne and arriving home in time for her birthday, so they would totally be my, erm, loving-delivery-people.

And so…I made cookies!! Chocolate, roll-out cookies, with pretty icing decorations! (pictures are coming soon, I promise.)

+ BONUS: won today’s gin rummy game with my grandparents and RM. wheeee…..


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