Prawn Noodles/Hae Mee in Melbourne

We’ve been going to this little place for a while now – it’s  been open for less than a year, but I think we’ve been there at least once every 2 or 3 weeks since we found it! It’s tiny, seats only about 20-25 people, has lovely people working there, and has great food!!

It’s little Malaysian shop called Sambal Malaysia.

It’s seriously, totally, definitely the best prawn noodles in Melbourne that I’ve tried so far (I live in the city, so anywhere too far from it doesn’t count!). Consistently strong prawn-y broth, with a little over the top spiciness and a heap of prawns, chicken, noodles and a hardboiled egg thrown in for good measure… heavenly!!

Mmm…. Prawn Noodles…

Now, Prawn Noodles seems to be an acquired taste. You either love it or hate it… unless you’re asian, then you tend to either love it or ‘okay’ it! XD The few non-South-East Asians that tried it in my presence mostly disliked it – due to the strong prawn taste which they aren’t used to. *shrugs* I’m sure there are other people out there that DO love it though… but in the meantime…more for us then!!:)

Mouth watering goodness!

Sambal Malaysia’s other dishes are pretty darn good too. We haven’t tried ALL of them, as I tend to keep ordering the same things (ie. PRAWN NOODLES!!! Wheeee!), but I have heard good reports from friends that go there too.
I’ve seen some people commenting that their prawn broth was watery, but I thought it was great!

We like : Prawn Noodles, Tau Huay (Soya bean dessert, their version is very smooth, with a tinge of ginger in the syrup)
Other things to try: Nasi Lemak, Hor Fan(or Fun), Kolo Mee

If you happen to be in the area definitely check it out! It’s pretty good value for money ($10-13 per main) and a good variety of lovely dishes that stay true to their origins.

Sambal Malaysia
(Near the corner of Victoria St and Lygon St in Carlton.)
74 Victoria St
Carlton 3053
VIC, Australia

Sambal Malaysia 吉隆坡炒粉麵檔 on Urbanspoon


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