RM’s 21st Birthday, and two cakes.

So my sister, RM, just turned 21 recently! And to celebrate, I think I went a bit nuts. On her birthday proper, I booked us a table (or two) at Simon’s Peiking Duck restaurant in Boxhill. Then the next day, threw her a surprise party in the park!

And of course, I made two cakes! One for each day.

Cake 1: She requested a chocolate cake, “smooth chocolate, like eating chocolate frosting!” was the exact request, so I made her David Lebovitz’s Chocolate Idiot cake. Then covered it with a shiny chocolate lacquer glaze, and added a handpiped rose.

Shiny glaze!

There was a small drama when

I found out that my local cake decorating supply shop didn’t sell the wafer cones I usually use to pipe the petals on, but then I got home, and used snipped pieces of dates instead! IT WAS AWESOME! Extra sweetness in the middle of each rose. 🙂

I think it went down well.

Cake 2: Was a challenge. What was I thinking when I decided to make it?? I’m not quite sure what passed through my mind when I decided to do it, but it probably had something to do with creating something memorable, with a ‘wow’ factor, something that she would remember as outstanding… Something that…. Would make turning 21 that much more special.That something was this cake.

The cake. You’d think it was just a regular, rectangular, quietly romantic (ooh, alliteration!), cake, with handpiped roses right?

The beautiful white cake

But this cake was all that, and so, SO much more…

Can you see the colours change?

I think the 6 hours of creating the cake was worth it, don’t you?


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