It’s been a while.

There is a saying: “May you live in interesting times” – boy, have I ever. It’s definitely been interesting, but not in a bad way, and I’ve never been happier.

Sharon & Nathaniel-384

Life has been very very interesting the past few years, to say the least. I moved from Melbourne, Australia, to Vancouver Canada, to Singapore, back to Vancouver and recently, Bellingham, Washington USA. I met many different people, from many different backgrounds, ate a LOT of food, and discovered that I have a real weakness for doughnuts. The fried kind. Not the wimpy baked cake stuff. I can tell the difference. Scouts honor.

And yes, I met (at a badminton meetup, of all things! – more on this another time perhaps) and married (!) the love of my life.

Sharon & Nathaniel-301

Through it all, I’ve still been cooking and baking (a girl’s gotta eat you know) – ‘refining’ some would say, ‘experimenting’ is what I’d call it. Really. There have been ups and downs in my kitchen – burnt sugar, failed breads (oh yeast, why do you treat me so strangely?), smoky air and also beautiful cakes, great dinners and delicious (and sometimes weird) salads. And I absolutely can’t wait to start sharing my love of food and life here again.

Sharon & Nathaniel-311

My big problem with blogging about the food I cook, is that for one thing, I can’t be bothered to take photos of the process because I’m one of those kitchen-is-a-disaster-while-cooking people, and another is that my camera-of-choice has been my trusty iphone because it’s always handy and I generally didn’t have any other camera charged and ready to go when I took whatever-it-was out of the oven or off the stove!

But what the heck, I have time, the blog is dusted off, I got a great camera as a wedding present, my new kitchen has great lighting – let’s do this!

This is where I leave you with some pictures of my more recent adventures.

-No-bake Cheesecake with Strawberries

-Argentine Steak with Chimichurri

-Raspberry Crumb Bars for Ashley’s birthday

-Red and White Eton Mess

-Berry and Lime Pavlova


And because I can’t resist sharing a few more snippets:
Sharon & Nathaniel-379

Sharon & Nathaniel-285

Wedding photos
by the amazing Two Front Teeth


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