RM’s 21st Birthday, and two cakes.

So my sister, RM, just turned 21 recently! And to celebrate, I think I went a bit nuts. On her birthday proper, I booked us a table (or two) at Simon’s Peiking Duck restaurant in Boxhill. Then the next day, threw her a surprise party in the park!

And of course, I made two cakes! One for each day.

Cake 1: She requested a chocolate cake, “smooth chocolate, like eating chocolate frosting!” was the exact request, so I made her David Lebovitz’s Chocolate Idiot cake. Then covered it with a shiny chocolate lacquer glaze, and added a handpiped rose.

Shiny glaze!

There was a small drama when

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Celebrating birthdays in the Yarra Valley

So a couple of our friends decided that they wanted to do something different this year. Their birthdays are about a week apart, so they decided that they would invite a bunch of people to celebrate with them with lunch in De Bortoli’s Yarra Valley Estate.

We ended up with 5 cars, ferrying about 16 people from all over Melbourne/Victoria to De Bortoli’s restaurant for a leisurely four course meal!

I was in Amir’s car, which reminded me of our Easter Roadtrip! Ah… good times. =)

Amir felt adventurous, as always, and decided to skip the highway and take the scenic (and faster, it turned out!) route. So we ended up with lovely things to look at…

Rolling hills and open fields…

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Aaron’s Birthday

We recently celebrated Aaron’s birthday and as he’s a good friend of ours, I had the honour of making his birthday cake.

He didn’t have any idea what sort of cake he wanted, but was quite quick to say that he didn’t want chocolate. I asked him what his favourite fruits were, and he came up with peach, orange and pear. In that order. I was stumped at first… peaches aren’t in season, and using canned ones in birthday cake just doesn’t sit right with me somehow. Oranges are pretty hard to get right in-terms of flavour for curds, at least, I haven’t been able to conquer them yet… and pears… well, lets just say that I have one really good recipe for pear cake, but it’s not really the sort of cake you think of when you say ‘birthday cake’.

So after a few days worth of searching the web furiously for ideas, I came across a combination that I’d been wanting to try for a while now – White cake with orange cream filling and a good vanilla bean buttercream frosting. Unfortunately, when I tried to make the cake, a few things went wrong and I got pretty frazzled. Continue reading