Prawn Noodles/Hae Mee in Melbourne

We’ve been going to this little place for a while now – it’sĀ  been open for less than a year, but I think we’ve been there at least once every 2 or 3 weeks since we found it! It’s tiny, seats only about 20-25 people, has lovely people working there, and has great food!!

It’s little Malaysian shop called Sambal Malaysia.

It’s seriously, totally, definitely the best prawn noodles in Melbourne that I’ve tried so far (I live in the city, so anywhere too far from it doesn’t count!). Consistently strong prawn-y broth, with a little over the top spiciness and a heap of prawns, chicken, noodles and a hardboiled egg thrown in for good measure… heavenly!!

Mmm…. Prawn Noodles…

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Celebrating birthdays in the Yarra Valley

So a couple of our friends decided that they wanted to do something different this year. Their birthdays are about a week apart, so they decided that they would invite a bunch of people to celebrate with them with lunch in De Bortoli’s Yarra Valley Estate.

We ended up with 5 cars, ferrying about 16 people from all over Melbourne/Victoria to De Bortoli’s restaurant for a leisurely four course meal!

I was in Amir’s car, which reminded me of our Easter Roadtrip! Ah… good times. =)

Amir felt adventurous, as always, and decided to skip the highway and take the scenic (and faster, it turned out!) route. So we ended up with lovely things to look at…

Rolling hills and open fields…

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