Happy 21st!


Made this cake for my sister’s 21st birthday party. Happy Birthday MA!!

Strawberry cheesecake with a white chocolate mousse layer on top, green white chocolate trees and a chocolate house made of Lindt chocolate bars and chocolate biscuit fingers.


So worth the effort. But this week has been exhausting.


RM’s 21st Birthday, and two cakes.

So my sister, RM, just turned 21 recently! And to celebrate, I think I went a bit nuts. On her birthday proper, I booked us a table (or two) at Simon’s Peiking Duck restaurant in Boxhill. Then the next day, threw her a surprise party in the park!

And of course, I made two cakes! One for each day.

Cake 1: She requested a chocolate cake, “smooth chocolate, like eating chocolate frosting!” was the exact request, so I made her David Lebovitz’s Chocolate Idiot cake. Then covered it with a shiny chocolate lacquer glaze, and added a handpiped rose.

Shiny glaze!

There was a small drama when

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